The Sticker Dude's
Mail Art Call

For those who do not know what a Mail Art Call is or how to respond to one,
here is an outline of how a mail art collective project usually works:
A mail artist formulates an idea for a project and sends out a "call" to other artists
for artwork that fits the concept of the project. The mail artist then waits for
responses to the call. Traditionally, mail art collective projects have
no judge or jury to select or reject the works of art. The artist who made the call
then gathers together the works received and documents the project.
This documentation, including a complete list of contributing artists is sent to
all the participants. So making the "Collective Work of Art."

In keeping with the spirit of the Millennium the resulting works from this call,
"Your Take on Human History" will be documented and distributed in Cyberspace.

Image(s) and Text preferred, maximum size for flat art 6"x 9"
(15.24 x 12.86 cm)

All flat art entries will be scanned, reduced to fit a 4"x 5" (10.16 x12.86 cm) window and displayed on this Web site.

We are also accepting entries as digital art files on disk or attached e-mail. These files must be in JPEG, GIFF, or animated GIFF format. To keep the file size small do not exceed 4" high x 5" wide image size at 72 dpi.

This is an on-going project between now and the year 2000, entries will be posted to the Web site as soon as we can after receipt.

Closing date Dec. 31, 1999 No jury. No returns

Send only one entry per person to:
The Sticker Dude Institute
"Millennium Mail Art Project"
Ragged Edge Press, 267 BROADWAY 2nd FL, NEW YORK, NY 10007, USA

or send e-mail to: The Sticker Dude

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