The organization and completion of a Mail Art Project is a mountain that
only the brave should attempt. The inspiration comes easily: "Limping or
Soaring to the Millennium, " or " A Day in a Dog's Life," or "Send Peace
Symbols to Serbia," or "Pebbles to Patagonia," or "1001 Desks for the
Mayor of Montenegro." Yes, you can make up anything your fancy will
inspire in a network of present or future mail art networkers. Then comes
the brutal work. Design the call, produce, replicate, send out, produce
more, send out more, then answer questions in several languages, etc. etc.

The responses start coming in. They may or may not be directed correctly,
or on the topic, what do you do? You asked for one submission, but got
four, What do you do? Someone from Argentina sends a whole book of poetry,
when you asked for a 4" x 5" image, what do you do? Another sends it twice
as large as specified, what do you do? You don't want to reject categorically - that's what narrow minded teachers and art institutions do.
As mail artists, we try to be accepting and encouraging, but your format
has limitations, what do you do?

Piles of artwork come in at frantic times in your life - things get lost. You
feel like you betrayed the network, and you force yourself to be more careful.
Organize, Organize!! Then start the documentation. Who's work do you
include? Who's work do you show prominently first? Older/more well known
mail artists, or less well known participants, or just make the process totally
random. All of which reflects your position on elitism.

As the body of works come together, you invariably beam with pride, at the
immense creativity and generosity sent your way. So it is with mixed
blessings we present all the amazing submissions:

Limping and Soaring to the Millennium

There are 8 pages of thumbnails. Each thumbnail has a link to the larger image.