"I guess you can describe my drawings as hybrid/Gestalt interpolations of symbolic subject matter within a surreal dialectic. Which is a fancy way of saying that I generally take two or more unrelated symbolic subjects and combine them to arrive at an unexpected result." --Thomas Kerr

Most of Kerr's images are created with pen and ink, using an old style Gillot dip quill pen and Higgin's Eternal Ink on a two ply Strathmore rag paper. However, he also works in water color, acrylic, gouache and most recently in Photoshop on a Macintosh Computer.

In addition to his extensive editorial work, Thomas has a wide range of both interests and commissions: from book cover illustrations and a fully illustrated children's book, to special projects like the series of anthropomorphic crocodiles he created for a restaurant in Atlanta.

"Joel (The Sticker Dude) Cohen has found more uses for my images than I thought were possible." --Thomas Kerr

Thomas and his long time friend and collaborator Joel S. Cohen, managing partner at Ragged Edge Press, have designed and produced memo pads, stickers, post cards, T-shirts, mugs, and are now producing hundreds of unique rubber stamps for the Ragged Edge Press' Irreverant Rubber Stamp project


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