The Sticker Dude's
Online Poetry/Philosophy Journal

On Art and Audience
          Since anyone can be an artist,
          then art only becomes itself
          when viewed by it's audience.
                      *    *    *

          What every artist does is unique,
          But what makes one artists work special
          Are those who beat to the work's pulse,
          Bring it into their lives
          And help carry on its tradition.

Urban Phone Tag
          Is a game we play 
          between e-mail and snail

          Then leave by jet plane
          to opposite ends of the wire

          To make art out of unusual

Computer Couple
              When he says reboot
              She says sleep

              When she boasts of prowess
              He watches the screen

              When he downloads
              She surfs online

              They form a verse
              By mouse and cursor and
              Swear on their hard drives 
              To persevere

If You're Anger Trying to Be Reborn as Love
             Like Sisyphus pushing the dark side
             of the 14th Ammendment
             up to the Lincoln Memorial
             Rubbing brass against marble...cursing
             Steeling muscles with poetic resolve...cursing
             A step by step expose
             through the blood of corporate nonchalance
             (and personal collaboration)
             Where it's cheaper to fill Mt. Vesuvius
             with a toxic imposition
             than to save one warm soul of a nation
             from slipping through the cracks

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