"Catalog Liner Notes"

A cacophony of rubber I say
A swirling  palate with singing,
Smiling, flying, frowning ('n almost drowning)
Duos solos hooped wizards Marco Polos
Be a Shakespeare: impression repertory, take
One giant stamp for humankind in this space
Rock the Moon or wear your sunniest face
"It must've been the devil who sent
rubber stampers to heaven to cube the sun"
Fly with pigs 'n cats 'n bats in the belfry
Dress your mail art, top off your calligraphy
Press firmly & you Face Off again
With Mr.(s) & Mrs. Light Switch
Celebrate the reign of Wild Wubber Terrapin

Come oh artist/creators of greeting card mythology
Mistresses of embossing, devotees of the postoid,
Marvy magicians of the slight of pad
Oh Postmodern Dada waving glitter and elastic jewels
Yes come with me, Marking Time
This is your Universe
                       --The Sticker Dude

What Is This?*

A joke, a riff, a leap (or flop) in Rubber Space?  
Our irreverent collection lives simultaneously for, with 
and against the rubber stamper.  Joel said to Tom one day 
late in 1994 after leafing through Rubberstampmadness, 
the preeminent rubber stampers' magazine: "By the end of 
the millennium we can produce one or two thousand of the 
most unique, well drawn & crafted collections ever created.
"Here we are three thousand hours of toil later Ñ at pen, 
at computer & presses Ñ with over 675 stamps and still 
going strong because of our artistic passion, rather than 
commercial success.  We donÕt wholesale and obviously our 
primary focus is not mainstream decorative stampers.
In our self-defined real and surreal mission, in this genre 
of reusable art, we will continue to dare to "tread rubber" 
where no one else goes.

--The Sticker Dude, Joel

* To be pronounced with a thick British accent, as our Webmaster & high critic (a NYC artist transplanted from England) often exclaims when he first sees one of our new irreverent creations.

Ragged Edge Press, started in 1979 by poet/graphic artist Joel S. Cohen, the managing partner, has become a successful printing company. We provide high quality personalized offset printing, desktop publishing and other services to myriad non-profit organizations, schools, small businesses, artists, theater groups, progressive causes and others. Ragged Edge has supported The Sticker Dude (Joel) in his mission to produce and distribute socially relevant, low cost art, which he has given freely at Grateful Dead Concerts, Save The Environment Benefits, Poetry Readings and Street Fairs. But it has been the creative collaboration with Thomas Kerr, the internationally acclaimed illustrator, which has triggered an explosion of Art Stickers, Posters, Post Cards, Sticker Post Cards, Greeting Cards, Memo Pads with a MessageTM, T-Shirts and more. We are also avid mail artists, sharing art world wide in the "Eternal Network," global mail art community.

The current Irreverant Rubber Stamp Collection is a natural (or unnatural) outgrowth of our work together. Our deep etched red rubber stamp dies are sold unmounted, or mounted and indexed on white maple blocks. Enjoy our catalog. Take the plunge!

All images in this catalog are copyright ©1997 Ragged Edge Press. We support and encourage the free use of our stamps for their intended purpose, and you have our permission to sell your hand stamped art. However, you may not reproduce any image in this catalog by electronic, mechanical or any other means (except where otherwise noted); nor may you use any image to sell products, or as company logos, without written permission from Ragged Edge Press.