Started in 1979, Ragged Edge Press has become a successful printing company, providing high quality, personalized offset printing services to a variety of nonprofit organizations, progressive causes, small businesses, schools, artists, and theater groups.

Ragged Edge Press is also the home base for The Sticker Dude (Joel), who has produced and handed out thousands of free stickers at Grateful Dead Concerts, Save the Environment benefits, New York Street Fairs, and Demonstrations.

Another creative passion at Ragged Edge Press is our Memo Pads with a Message produced from recycled paper, 100% Post Industrial Waste, on which we print unique images and intriguing word concepts.

Have press will publish! Ragged Edge Press is the proud publisher of Through the Cracks-- a Mini-Journal of Socially Relevant Words and Images--which is distributed throughout the United States for the cost of 32¢ postage. or 2 IRC's (foreign).

Mail Art is all the rage at Ragged Edge Press. We avidly support sending to and sharing with people worldwide in the "Eternal Network," a global mail art community.

What triggered this explosion of printed Pop Art Stickers, Posters, Memo Pads, Post Cards, Sticker Post Cards, Greeting Cards, T-Shirts, and more at Ragged Edge Press? It was the creative collaboration between Joel S. Cohen, the managing partner of Ragged Edge Press, and the internationally acclaimed illustrator, Thomas Kerr.

Now Ragged Edge Press brings you The Irreverant Rubber Stamp, a very unusual collection of Thomas's images (mostly), original text stamps, and as usual, Joel's art direction. Our high quality stamps are made of deep etched red rubber, mounted on a cushion backing, and then on white maple wood blocks. Each stamp block is permanently indexed with the image on the top for easy identification. We also sell unmounted rubber (without cushion), a large variety of supplies, and our unique stickers, memo pads and cards.






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