he watched the Parthenon crumble,
	"fuck the Greeks, they weren't humble."
he primed Vesuvius to erupt,
	sifted the rubble on Bronx Charlotte St.,
	campaigned on TV
	and was elected king, so be it.
he smoked in bed, wore guns to bathe
	and sold rotten meat.
he tightened the relief laws,
	during a recession,
	while munching on Federal surplus wheat.
he poisoned the streams with PCBs;
he goads the Russians with nukes
	and serviced Alexander the Great
	by spit-shining his boots.
he brought measles-infected blankets
	to the Indians, took their land
	acid reigned the Appalachians
	it came, anon
	oil slicked Iraq and Iran,
he designed sugar cane impoverished Puerto Rico
he salted the sugar cane with plutonium roe and
	when our fingernails begin to glow,
he invents devices to light from these new finger bulbs,
	connected to the Internet.
he watched as Johnny got his gun,
	without pity
	shot snake eyes on Hiroshima,
	gambling in Atlantic City.
he had us heat our homes with gas,
	then oil, then wood
	then without,
	on the icy road he took down the sign
	that said "Caution,"
he foreclosed a hundred family farms in South Bend
	but we wouldn't let him
	bid at auction.
he cheerleads the lynchings,
	leans on the ropes,
	pushes John Cameron Swayze
	counsels everyone to vote.
he treads lightly in the garden,
	"Please don't eat the daisies,"
	and styled the straight jacket hospital
	behind the electric door marked "Crazies."
he had aftershock orgasms
	when the crane fell on 57th St.,
	that day