The Sticker Dude's
Online Poetry/Philosophy Journal

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Pinch Hitting

Parenting is like a culinary first

attempt at chocolate pudding
from scratch.

Whipping French cocoa
He runs recipes around the bases
tossing Ninja Turtles into the microwave

Come here 'Sweetie Pie'

Please help keep the
Batter together


Words of Advice to a Son

Keep your treads straight
In spite of the flinches
Keep your courage
Deal with the clenching pain
Get up on time
Again fight off the bummers
Show off your grateful colors
Dress by the numbers 
break at the seams
Then regain in your own dreams
Do better than your imagination and
Don't worry about missed registration
Take your soul and fly to the heights
and if you need more vision recomfigured
Indoor plumbing is gonna be big!


Prenatal Parley

Early morning.

  My hand on your head.
     A thin stretch of
        Your mother's skin now 
                      Between us.

                             At 20 weeks
                             you may be sucking your thumb
                             beginning to grasp.

                          My thumb presses inward,
                        Nudging you.
                       You kick back.

                     Again my thumb,
                  Again you flutter,
          Between slumber and sunrise.


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