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Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Wall

I often read "over the shoulder" of someone next to me on public transportation. Invariably, by a turning away, closing up of the material, a hunching of the shoulders, or by a gruff, "here you take it," they let me know that I'm not welcome.
Now something is wrong here!
Why we can't share the reading material. What someone reads is usually close to their interests or beliefs. What a great way to share and spread your own personal culture with others, and it costs nothing. How can we change this dysfunctional custom?

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To Teach Bicycle Riding

First Discuss the Theory
Bicycle riding balance is achieved by the coordination of speed generated by pedaling, slight shifts of body weight to the right and left, and small turns of the front wheel.
Start The Learner...
On a flat straight run, seated on the bicycle, with their dominant foot on an upward pedal. Give them a small push, and let them ride until they lose their balance and put their foot down onto the ground, even if it is just half a wheel revolution. Repeat the procedure (with a lot of positive reinforcement) until they tire or become proficient.

To learn turning requires a little greater shift of weight. And don't forget to teach braking.

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Why do many artists choose to work on projects
which offer little hope for prestige or money?
For love of creation. To express their vision.
And whatever else, you name it.

-The Sticker Dude


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