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Gimme art which questions and redefines
the nature of everyday life.

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The overwhelming beauty of the Internet is that it offers one of the freest mediums for self-publishing. Anyone who wishes to publish can do so at little or no expense. Whether the audience that responds to your work are just a few or counted in the thousands, they are free to appreciate or hate your creation as they so choose. Therefore the Internet remains one of the few places that fosters self-expression without the usual attending commercial transactions.

Now, site statistics -- you are the three thousand and seventy first person to visit this site -- tends to ruin this atmosphere of unfettered self-expression by overlaying an aura of ratings competition. "Oh, only 72 people have seen this." "Wow, 9042 have been here this month, must be really something..."

So you won't see an "Access Counter" on my site.

Gratefully yours.
The Sticker Dude,

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