Planet Dada
11 Menin Road
Derby DE22 2NL

Dear Joel,

This disk contains a collection of my images and artistamps
not available at the Living Poets website. They may be reproduced
so long as the  Sean Woodward credit is given. I did email
the Ragged Edge Press based designs some weeks ago to you
but maybe thet didn`t get through properly - I`d appreciate them 
being considered for publication on your website.

In case you`re wondering, my current digital studio is based upon
 a pentium 200 system with Kodak Digital Science and Sony Handycam 
input, Wacom tablet, Epson 500 Colour output and Fractal Design Dabbler, 
MetaTools Bryce and assorted applications, fonts and HTML editors 
(non of which really beat good old fashioned ascii creation - till I`m laying 
out tables that is!)

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes, 


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The following are recent artistamps:-