Yes, yes, yes, we know, it's spelled wrong, the question is WHY?


1) In keeping with the style of our stamps we thought we would be irreverent about the English language too.

2) Our typo wasn't noticed until it was too late.

3) The yo-yos around here can't spell worth a damn anyway.

4) We think irreverent should be spelled with an A.

5) Webster is wrong. The Sticker Dude's research indicates that the derivation of irreverent is the Old Dutch word ranten -- to be enraged (and definitely more appropiate for our mission) -- rather than the Latin word irreverens.

6) Having made a major blunder with our business name, instead of correcting it and moving on, we have chosen to stick with our mistake and are determined to convert it into a virtue. It remains to be seen if we were right.

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