he hopped the IRT, went to work
	stole 100,000 shares of ITT.
he's been a group leader at EST.
he solicits the walking skeletons of Third Ave.
	with rouged lips.
he rates back stage at Rolling Stones concerts
	commands the groupies with the biggest tits.
he would've taken two tubs of spice
	up the Potomac to liberate the injuns
	instead of starving them,
	but Cathay offered a better price.
he raised the MGM lion,
	and for the betrayal
he rigged Mt. Sinai.
he gave us tribes
	gave us slaves
	gave us serfs
	and social insecurity from cradle to grave
	and gave us now "what-god-hath-wrought"
	3 Mile Island almost naught.
he's got a hideout in Tibet
	and summers in Cannes,
he built a hundred nuclear reactors,
	but forgot to check the plans.
he goofed, he fucked the world up,
	our bridges and roads are turning to rust,
	in Him we trust?
he Henry Kissengers the Pope,
	pushes dope from Thailand.
he waves a wand and our air waves turn to rice krispies.
he designs hair spray to grow in our noses,
	which goes to show you his sheer neuroses.
he sells apples from the push cart,
	covered with wax,
	cuts a deal, in real estate,
	and passes on the tax.
he drains his yard from city to town,
	in India gases the sacred cow.
he read Rimbaud, he coaxed Malraux but
	in Machiavelli are his favorite strophes:
	accordin' ta pleasure
	accordin' ta soul
	accordin' ta rapture
	and rock 'n roll.
he hams it up in Vaudeville,
	burnt a church in Beloxi,
	took carpentry at Yale,